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The trend in the dental market! The center of the digital dentistry  DIOnavi.&DIOnavi. Full Arch

Digital dentistry has established itself as the undeniable trend in the dental market all over the world. Many dentists are already using digital in various areas of treatment, and furthermore, the digital dentistry market continues to grow as 4th industrial technologies such as AI, big data, and 3D printing are combined with dental care.
Prior to this, DIO has long focused on research on digital dentistry, and has dominated the digital dentistry market by developing full digital solutions that incorporate digital into all dental fields.

Digital Dentistry

It was ‘DIOnavi.’ that marked the beginning of the digital dentistry era. DIO launched the digital implant solution ‘DIOnavi.’ in 2014, boasting excellent surgical accuracy and growing rapidly. It did not stop there, and in 2018, released the digital edentulous solution ‘DIOnavi. Full Arch’ to the world, continuing its reputation as a leading digital dentistry company.
And last April, ‘DIOnavi.’ became the first digital guide system to reach 600,000 holes, heating up the dental industry. It is expected to surpass 700,000 holes in the second half of this year, and the upward trend is expected to continue.


In general, edentulous patients are often left unattended for a long time, making it difficult to place implants, as well as limited treatment methods, making it difficult to treat.
However, ‘DIOnavi. Full Arch’ has been receiving a lot of attention since its launch by overcoming the limitations of existing treatment methods with a full digital method, and has established itself as the first full digital edentulous implant solution. In particular, experience and know-how are important for edentulous patient treatment solutions, and DIO has made this possible with the technology it has accumulated over the years.
‘DIOnavi. Full Arch’ has been receiving a lot of attention at recent exhibitions such as BDEX, HODEX, and SIDEX, and is further solidifying its position in the field of treatment for edentulous patients.

Digital Edentulous Implant System DIOnavi. Full Arch

Why do both clinicians and patients praise DIOnavi. Full Arch?

DIOnavi. Full Arch is characterized by providing comfort to everyone by applying digital to all processes rather than complex analog processes. In particular, using the digital method, it is possible to accurately acquire the patient's gums, vertical dimension, and occlusion data, reducing errors and further enhancing the completion of surgery. In addition, since the patient's oral scan data and prosthetic design are saved as a file, it can be easily and conveniently recreated at any time, which also contributed to the choice of many surgeons.

‘DIOnavi. Full Arch’ provides comfort not only to the clinicians but also to the patients. With only 4~6 implants, it helps to restore the function of the entire tooth, and it shows less pain and quick recovery by using a minimal incision. Above all, it not only shortened the operation time, but also reduced the number of patient visits, captivating both the patients and the clinicians.

DIOnavi. Full Arch

financial burden!
Shorten chair time
No shaking of
the denture
You can eat on the day of the procedure

guide system
Full digital system
Simple & Easy
Digital Workflow

DIOnavi. Full Arch phenomenon both domestically and abroad

DIO successfully held the Seminar ‘Revolution of Dental Operation through DIOnavi. Full Arch’

DIO also held a national seminar tour of the ‘Revolution of Dental Operation through DIOnavi. Full Arch’ from Seoul in April to Busan in May and Daejeon in June.
This seminar series quickly sold out upon opening for registration, and we were able to confirm once again the high interest in digital edentulous solution.
In particular, experts in each field received a lot of applause for passing on ‘DIOnavi. Full Arch’ and dental management know-how using it.
Through this seminar, ‘DIOnavi. Full Arch’ was evaluated for securing competitiveness in response to the rapidly changing dental business environment.


DIO Australia Symposium