DIOnavi. User Interview

Cheong-A Union Dental Clinic Dr. Doyoung Park

 “'DIOnavi.', the best course for all patients and clinicians” 
  • - Graduated from Kyungpook National University School of Dentistry


“'DIOnavi.', the best course for all patients and clinicians”

Cheong-A Union Dental Clinic, located in Suseong-gu, Daegu, opened in the 20 years ago by Dr. Doyoung Park, and has been in charge of dental treatment in the neighborhood by treating △implants △ prosthetics △periodontal diseases and △orthodontics.

Implants as ‘the flower of dentistry’
The number of patients who visit Cheong-A Union Dental Clinic varies from teenagers to those in their 90s, but among them, the proportion of those in their 50s to 70s is high, so more patients need implant treatment, and Dr. Do-young Park naturally has rich experience in implant surgery.
Dr. Doyoung Park, who defined implants as “the flower of dentistry,” said, “I have been practicing and treating implants since they first came to Korea, so I have been doing implants for over several decades. I see cases where implants are done for pure aesthetic purposes, but implants should be faithful to the basic purpose of restoring the masticatory function of the oral cavity, and strive to make the patient feel as comfortable as possible during the treatment process,” he shared his philosophy.
According to Dr. Park's treatment philosophy, 'Chung-A Union Dental Clinic' is currently equipped with 'DIOnavi.', a digital implant guide, and CT.
Presenting accurate guide
Dr. Doyoung Park is a long-time user who has been using ‘DIOnavi.’ since it was first released in 2014. Dr. Park, who thought it would be helpful to both the patient and the surgeon by presenting an accurate guide, started using 'DIOnavi.' without hesitation.
The most important consideration in implants is accurate diagnosis. Patients can use it for a long time only if the accuracy is supported. In that part, ‘DIOnavi.’ is getting a lot of help because it helps to set it up accurately," he said.
"When it was first released, it was already well designed, so I don't feel much difference even when I used it until today." Of course, I feel the continuous improvement in accuracy, he said. "As the accuracy has increased, the invisible stress that dentists feel when placing implants has decreased a lot," and highly evaluated the excellent accuracy function of ‘DIOnavi.’
Significantly reduced surgery time
Dr. Park also explained that since the introduction of 'DIOnavi.', the operation time has been greatly reduced, and the difficult part of the patient has disappeared due to the long operation, resulting in satisfactory results for both the patient and the clinician.
In particular, ‘DIOnavi.’ is frequently used in ‘Chung-A Union Dental Clinic’, which has a high portion of demographic of elderly patients.
Dr. Doyoung Park said, "When treating implants for older patients, unexpected variables such as drills slipping often occur, and 'DIOnavi.' is good because the guide catches them well."
It’s good even if the bone quality is not good
Meanwhile, Dr. Doyoung Park is also using DIO's ‘UV Implant’ and ‘UV Activator.’ In particular, he said of the ‘UV Activator’ that it is used in cases with lower levels of bone quality to increase the success rate.
Finally, he presented his opinion to dentists who have not yet used digital equipment, including ‘DIOnavi.’
"If you're a dentist who runs a practice, now, there's probably a lot more clinicians doing implantology than those who don't. Each company has different characteristics, but I think DIO is quite ahead in the digital sector. In terms of stability and accuracy of the product, I recommend it as it is a product worth trying at least once. And if there are dentists who have not yet used the digital system, we recommend that you introduce it to reduce the clinician's stress and experience a higher clinical success rate. Digital is an unavoidable trend in the dental industry, so I hope you will join us here.”

[Sourced by Dental Arirang]