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Along with dissemination of digital equipment,
perception of digital dentistry changes positive.

As the flow of the continuously growing in implant market, digital equipment such as CBCT, oral scanner, CAD/CAM SW, and 3D printer has become popular and the transition to ‘digital dentistry’ is accelerating. Digital dentistry refers to the digitalization of the entire medical treatment process. At the beginning, the penetration rate was low due to the burden of introduction cost and doubts about the new method.
However, as the number of successful cases increases due to the introduction of digital equipment, more clinicians now perceive digital dentistry as an investment for profitability.

Economics of
digital dentistry

More precedures in the same amount of time = Greater production per hour

Increasing production and doing less rework = Higher profitability

Saving your patient time, reducing inconveniences = Increased perception of value and case acceptance

Source : Burk Hart Dental Supply

As a result of a survey conducted by ‘Gordon J. Christensen Clinician Report’ of 385 dentists using an oral scanner in the United States, 72% answered that 'the introduction of an oral scanner was a better choice on a budget', only 9% answered no. In addition, when asked if they would like to purchase an oral scanner again, 84% answered 'will buy', which can confirm a positive change in perception after the introduction of digital equipment.

QWas buying an oral scanner a better choice on
a budget?

I Don’t know






385 dentists in the US using digital oral scanners
Source : Gordon J. Christensen Clinicians Report

QWill you buy an oral scanner again?

I Don’t know






385 dentists in the US using digital oral scanners
Source : Gordon J. Christensen Clinicians Report

According to market research firm MRG, the global digital dentistry market is expected to grow from $10.8 billion in 2017 to $18 billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 8%.

Global digital dentistry market

Source : MRG

Digital Implant System DIOnavi. & DIOnavi. Full Arch


DIO, which had been paying attention to the digital dentistry market from an early stage, launched the first digital implant guide system ‘DIOnavi.’ that 100% digitally applied to the entire process in 2014.
'DIOnavi.', called a digital implant, is different from the existing analog implant procedure, with data obtained from an oral scanner and CT scan, the optimal placement position, angle, and depth are determined through computer program simulation, and digital surgeries that fit the patient's oral condition The surgical guide is made with a 3D printer and the surgery is performed.
‘DIOnavi.’, which showed an overwhelming presence in stability, accuracy, and convenience, has been leading the digitalization of dental care, predicting that it will exceed 600,000 cumulative installation holes within 9 years of launch and 700,000 holes in 2022.

DIOnavi. Full Arch

Thanks to the global success of DIO’s ‘DIOnavi.’, DIO launched ‘DIOnavi. Full Arch’, a solution for edentulous patients in 2018.
Although the number of edentulous patients continues to increase along with the aging of the population, edentulous patients have been using dentures for a long period of time or leave them as they are, leading to severe gum bone resorption, making implant placement difficult and treatment methods limited.
However, ‘DIOnavi. Full Arch’ applies a digital treatment method to accurately acquire the patient's gums, vertical dimension, and occlusion data. So that it reduces surgical errors and restore the function of the entire tooth with only 4 to 6 implants placed while ensuring minimal incision. Digital treatment method shortens the operation time and reduce the number of visits to the dentist, increasing the satisfaction of edentulous patients.

Full digital treatment solution DIO Ecosystem

Last year, DIO launched the digital treatment solution ‘DIO Ecosystem’ in line with the continuous growth trend of the global digital dentistry market. ‘DIO Ecosystem’ is a core solution for ‘chairside digital dental care’ that digitizes the entire process necessary for treatment and enables all processes from diagnosis to design, printing, and implantation.
‘DIO Ecosystem’ consists of full line up for digital treatment such as oral scanners for diagnosis, prosthesis design software 'DIO ECO CAD' that combines big data and artificial intelligence, 3D printer 'DIO PROBO Z', curing machine 'DIO PROBO Cure2', UV irradiator 'UV Activator2', and 3D printing materials, enables the realization of a digital dental treatment environment with convenience, accuracy, and economy.

DIO UV Implant System The first UV implant system with seconds speed ever

DIO, which achieved innovation in digital dentistry through ‘DIOnavi.’, has continued its momentum by launching the first UV implant system with seconds speed ever 'DIO UV Implant System' in 2019. ‘DIO UV Implant System’ is an essential solution to complete digital treatment that creates hydrophilicity for rapid osseointegration with an irradiation time of only 20 seconds.
When the irradiation is carried out with the UV irradiator ‘UV Activator2’, a UV lamp with a 360° cylindrical pattern irradiates without gaps to increase the transmittance and absorption of UV rays, which in turn results in the acquisition of hydrophilicity of the implant surface.
The excellence of UV-irradiated implants has been verified through various papers and clinical applications. Even though many UV-related products are on the market, ‘DIO UV Implant System’ is leading the popularization of UV implant systems by selling 1,000 units in just one year.

Short comments about DIO UV Implant System!

Dr. Jae-seok Kang
Mokpo Yedam Dental Hospital
I have validated that UV implants can provide a rapid healing speed in difficult cases such as lack of alveolar bone or maxillary sinus lift.

Source : DIO UV Implant user interview, Dentalnews, 2022.04.18

Dr. Riley Clark
WhiteCap Institute
The surface hydrophilicity obtained through UV irradiation maximizes blood wetting properties to achieve rapid osseointegration.

Source : The benefits of UV Activation, 2020 DIO Online Seminar, 2020.04.28

Dr. Dong-hyun Hwang
Jeonju Yeil Dental Clinic
With a short irradiation time of only 20 seconds, the hydrophilicity of the implant surface is maximized, resulting in faster healing.

Source : DIO UV Implant user interview, Dentalnews, 2022.06.30

Dr. Soo-il Jeon
Muan Top Plant Dental Clinic
By dramatically reducing the loading time of the prosthesis, the prosthesis can be completed in two months.

Source : DIO UV Implant user interview, Dentalnews, 2022.08.16

Transferring digital dentistry special know-how!

DIO is operating in more than 70 countries around the world and been conducting in-person seminars and training sessions for each country under the theme of ‘Digital Dentistry’, and online seminars to share clinical cases and latest knowledge beyond spatial constraints.
The DIO webinar since 2020, has established itself as the leading online seminar in the dental industry. In 2022, the 2022 DIO WEBINAR SERIES, which was held for 12 sessions under the slogan of ‘Challenge your mastery of digital dentistry’, can be re-watched through DIO’s official YouTube channel and the replays for each session below.

Challenge your mastery of digital dentistry

Title Speaker Replay
Complex case using DIOnavi.+UV: Sinus Part 1 Dr. Jong-hwan Park
Complex case using DIOnavi.+UV: Sinus Part 2 Dr. Jong-hwan Park
Complex case using DIOnavi.+UV: Hemophilia Dr. Jung-wook Seo
Complex case using DIOnavi.+UV: Immediate Placement Dr. Hyang-yeon Lee
Digital Dentistry 101 - Equipment Dr. Do-eun Dong
Digital Dentistry 101 - Prosthetic Restoration Dr. Do-eun Dong
Full Arch: The Updated Workflow Dr. Riley Clark
The Holy Digital Trinity: Oral Scan, CT, and the Bite Dr. Riley Clark
How Far Can You Go Digital? Dr. Yu-seok Jung
Analysis of Implant Failures and Expedited Recovery Using UV Fixtures Dr. Jae-seok Kang

Only 10 lectures out of a total of 12 lectures are provided with 'Replay'


DIO's digital dentistry solution goes to EAO 2022!

In September, DIO will also participate in EAO 2022 in Geneva, Switzerland from September 29 to October 1.
You can experience DIO's digital dentistry solution in person, so please pay a lot of attention and participate.

EAO 2022

2022. 09. 29 - 10. 01
Palexpo, in Geneva, Switzerland
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