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Korea 19 September, 2022

DIO's "New Dr. SOS+ Kit", which is famous for "luxury kit"
DIO's 'New Dr. SOS+ Kit' has become famous as a 'luxury kit' and is spotlighted as an essential kit for dental implant surgery.
DIO's 'New Dr. SOS+ Kit', which was developed to solve problems with implants performed on patients more simply and reliably, has been highly anticipated from its launch. DIO operated a hands-on booth where they could directly experience ‘New Dr. SOS+ Kit’ at domestic and international exhibitions and seminars such as SIDEX and HODEX, which led to interest in the product and purchase. Through actual clinical cases, it became famous as a 'luxury kit that can solve all cases' among clinicians, and interest in other products and kits from DIO Implant has also increased.
Configuration is simple! But the performance is definitely there!
The main reason why ‘New Dr. SOS+ Kit' is special is that it can solve all problems such as fixture fracture, abutment fracture, screw fracture, and 1.2 hex crushing with one simple kit consisting of only 15 tools. Especially, it is possible to solve problems with one kit even in the case of simultaneous fracture of abutment and screw with high compatibility with other products. Because it is not necessary to have multiple kits according to the situation and manufacturer, it is not only cost effective but also easy to store.
One of the factors that made the simple configuration possible is the ‘universal driver’. Befitting the modifier of 'Universal', it is a driver that can be used for various indications, including removing fixtures including third-party products, maximizing usability with simple but reliable performance.
Intuitive design and protocol
‘New Dr. SOS+ Kit’ has implemented an intuitive design so that even users who encounter the kit for the first time can easily understand how to use and configure the tools by attaching numbering to the order of use for each case. This is a design that enhances user convenience and has been highly evaluated by actual users.
In addition, through intuitive and diverse protocols, △bone loss △crack △partial fracture △fracture △internal structural damage △abutment fracture △Damage in healing, cover screw hex △Abutment screw fracture △Damage in abutment screw hex and so on. It provides a complete solution that does not tolerate failure.
In particular, the universal driver can be easily removed simply by rotating it in reverse after fastening it to the fixture, abutment, and screw to be removed. In addition, the Square Handle that can be attached to the tool used in Hand Mode and the Square Wrench that can easily separate the fixture removed from the driver are provided to further enhance the user's convenience.
Sang-oh Park, director of DIO R&D Center, said, “‘New Dr. SOS+ Kit’ is one of the must-have kits to solve problems that may occur after implant surgery.” and “As it has won the title of 'luxury kit' with high user satisfaction, we will continue to focus on research and development to provide a better treatment environment for our dentists.”
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