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[UV User Interview] Jeonju Yeil Dental Clinic Dr. Donghyun Hwang

USA 5 July, 2022

How DIO’s UV implant system helped me with not only treatment but also my dental operation in general
Yeil Dental Clinic, located in Jeonju, has been responsible for the dental health of the people of Jeonju for over 20 years. Yeil Dental Clinic pursues honest and safe treatment and is the go-to clinic in the town of Jeonju, where patient profiles vary teenagers to seniors over 70s.
Dr. Donghyun Hwang, who is in charge of implant surgeries at Yeil Dental Clinic, established a digital dentistry system for effective treatment with the medical philosophy of "I aim for the best in my field of treatment."
Dr. Donghyun Hwang said, “We always put the health and comfort of our patients above everything else. DIO's digital solutions, including DIOnavi., are the optimal system to meet such needs." He said, "The digital solution makes it possible to achieve the best surgical results as well as patient safety."
He then emphasized that he started using DIO's UV implant system and soon after became an avid user.
UV implant that satisfies both clinicians and patients
Dr. Hwang explained, "I have already seen the excellence of UV implants through many papers, but I was able to feel the excellence when I actually used them myself."
He said, "With a short 20-second irradiation using the DIO UV Activator, the hydrophilicity of the implant surface was maximized, and the healing speed was increased due to rapid osseointegration," adding, "This leads to shortening of the entire treatment period, providing satisfaction for both clinicians and patients."
Dr. Hwang said that the UV implant system is not only effective in treatment but also helpful in dental management.
"While the cost of implants is gradually decreasing due to excessive competition, the use of UV implants is advantageous for dental management as it can improve the quality of treatment, patient trust, and satisfaction, as well as charge appropriate costs," he said.
Lastly, "My clinic gets many patients with lower levels of bone quality or difficult cases such as implant placement accompanied by GBR, and we are getting good results by using ‘DIOnavi.’ and UV together.” “I want to recommend other clinicians to experience the proven effects for themselves.”
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