2020. 09.


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‘UV Activator2’, the reasonable choice for the faster and stronger treatment
Successful in difficult cases, accelerating the time of restoration for prosthesis

Seamless workflow, the digital solution presented by DIO
PROBO completes the digital workflow

DIO`s Online Seminar, having a blast in the second half of the year
Popular to worldwide audiences with various speakers and topics for digital dentistry

DIO Online Seminar


Oct. 04 The Digitally planned Sinus Lift Dr. Riley Clark Click here to watch!
Oct. 11 Immediate Placement after Extraction Dr. Hyangryeon Lee Click here to watch!
Oct. 18 Happy Dental Life with Digital Dr. Jungwook Seo Click here to watch!
Oct. 25 Understanding the Basic Principles and Techniques of DIOnavi. Dr. Youngwook Jung Click here to watch!

DIOnavi. Learning Contents

How to check the status of surgical guide through CBCT(DIOnavi. Learning Contents)

PR Movie

Had dental implant surgery? It`s important to keep it well

Materials to Download

DIO Product Total Catalog : UFII Implant System(Sub)(FDA)

DIO Product Total Catalog: Digital Materials(FDA)

DIO Product Total Catalog : DIOnavi. KIT(FDA)

DIO Product Total Catalog : Surgical KIT(FDA)

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