2019. 06.


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Date Country Event
20~21 Jul Australia DDA with Live surgery & Laser Dentistry
27~29 Jul Korea DIOnavi. Full Arch Academy of China
1~4 Aug Australia 4 Days Advanced Implant Cadaver Course
2~4 Aug Hongkong 2019 HKIDEAS(Hong Kong Int`l Dental Expo And Symposium)




DIO News

DIO Co. Ltd. is launching ‘DIOnavi. Full Arch’ domestically as well on June 1st.
‘DIOnavi. Full Arch’ is praised as being a fully edentulous digital solution for the first time in the world.

DIO develops ‘Denture’ material for 3D printing for the first time as domestic enterprise.
‘DIOnavi-Denture’ aims precisely at the 3D printing market for dentists.

DIO Co. Ltd., ‘DIO Digital Academy’ draws the attention of the entire world.
Produced more than 200 specialists in digital dentistry in Australia, Japan, China, Russia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, etc.

DIOnavi. User Interview

DIOnavi. Learning Contents

Marker attachment when more than 4 teeth are missing.

PR Movie

Orthodontic treatment with hidden dental braces, DIO Ortho navi.

Materials Download

Sinus Master kit brochure(ver2)

UFⅡ System Products Guide(ver4.3)

Implant surgery aftercare and precaution(ver1)

General Guidelines to the Management of Surgical Tools(ver1)

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