DIOnavi. User Interview

Oh Hyun-Keun, of ATA Dental Clinic

 “Successful implant results, ‘outstanding’ choice” 
  • - Majored in dental orthodontics as the Graduate School of Clinical Dentistry of Korea University
  • - Master’s degree in dental orthodontics as the Graduate School of Clinical Dentistry of Korea University
  • - Ph.D. degree in dental orthodontics from the College of Dentistry of Korea University
  • - Developer of DIO Ortho-Navi, Ortho-Navi Turbo Bracket
  • - Currently, representative director of ATA Dental Clinic
  • - The first head of research center in Korea of American Orthodontic (AO) of USA
  • - Selected as the first consultant and research member in Korea of American Orthodontic (AO) of USA
  • - First Korean to be selected as one of the 10 World Best Class of American Orthodontic (AO) of USA
  • - Certified dental surgeon for invisible line orthodontics of USA
  • - Certified dental surgeon for Incognito of Germany (lingual orthodontics)


“Successful implant results, ‘outstanding’ choice”

“I am striving to provide dental treatment in which patients experience as little pain as possible. As such, I am paying attention to enable my patients to receive safer treatments with no pain stress through minimal pain treatments.”
There is a dental surgeon highly decorated with extensive range of awards and titles including ‘Member of Digital Implant Hundred Club’, ‘Outstanding hospital for digital DIO Navi implant surgeries’, ‘Hospital with the largest number of DIO digital orthodontic surgeries in the country in 2018’ and ‘research consultant member for DIO digital orthodontics. Dr. Hyun-keun Oh, the director of ATA Dental Clinic is that surgeon.
Dr. Oh who forged relationship with DIO by holding personal seminar in the DIO seminar room is one of many DIO users with extensive uses of navigation digital implant ‘DIO Navi’ as well as digital orthodontics ‘DIO Ortho-Navi’, etc..
Dr. Oh, who is markedly increasing the clinical efficiency by using outstanding digital products of DIO Corporation,the leader in digital dentistry, introduced that, “the foremost strength of ‘DIO Navi’ is that surgery can be performed without having to make incision in the dental gum.”
He stated that, “3D digital implant surgery without fear can be completed more than 2 times faster than the existing implant surgery technique, thereby enabling patients to undergo surgery more comfortably,” and that, “we are providing highly satisfactory implant surgery results by minimizing pain, swelling and bleeding through minimal incisions made.”
While the surgery results can differ depending on the conditions of the surgeon or surgical situations, utilization of ‘DIO Navi’ can produce satisfactory results under any circumstances.

The start of digital dentistry, ‘DIO Navi’
It is an unavoidable fact that the industry is rapidly undergoing transition into digital dentistry. Although it is still in the initial stage of the era of digital dentistry, Dr. Oh is accumulating digital data by actively utilizing the technology of digital dentistry.
Dr. Oh disclosed his reasons of assertively utilizing ‘DIO Navi’ with the statement that, “majority of academic seminars held in Korea are associated with ‘digitalization’. Although it will take time for digitalization to become popular, it is necessary to make preparations in advance from the initial stage in order to be ahead of others,” and that, “we could become a dental hospital that leads the digital ear if we were to collect relevant data and equip ourselves with highly skilled clinical surgery techniques.”
Sensation that ‘DIO Navi’ generated is continuing not only in Korea but also in the global market. It has been undergoing continuous growth every year since its launching in 2016 with more than 360% and 170% growths in 2017 and 2018 in comparison to the previous years, respectively, thereby securing leading status in the global market. Dr. Oh is also a leader who has contributed to this remarkable growth.
He explained that, “majority of patients who underwent surgery with ‘DIO Navi’ are highly satisfied and are referring their friends and family to us,” and that, “reducing fear towards surgery, improvement in the management of dental clinic and enhanced confidence of the surgeon in conducting surgery are the secrets of the heightened popularity that ‘DIO Navi’ is enjoying.”
Need of ‘Education’ for popularization
Dr. Oh, who is confidently recommending ‘DIO Navi’, emphasized the need for ‘education’ ahead of popularization of digital dentistry.
He was of the opinion that, “although there are affirmative effects on the management of dental clinics due to the high level of satisfaction of patients arising from the outstanding results of exquisite surgical procedures using ‘DIO Navi’, there is a need for education of skilled experts ahead of full-fledged introduction of digital system.”
Harmonious collaboration among not only dentist but also the consultant and medical staffs must be achieved. For this purpose, it is necessary to make bold investment into digital education in order to the dental clinic to be perfectly adapted to and harmoniously operated following the introduction of new digitalized system.
Dr. Oh emphasized that, “dental clinic does not become digitalized simply by purchasing oral scanner and it is the same for ‘DIO Navi’,” and advised that, “there is a need for skilled training of the medical staffs on the digital system including radiological imaging, etc. and digital treatment can be achieved only when supported by training of the staffs for scanning technique, etc.”
In addition, he stated that, “I am highly satisfied as I am able to provide accurate and precise examinations and treatments as a surgeon thanks to the utmost efforts of DIO in continuous updating of software and launching of new products ahead of other companies by ceaselessly pursuing researches only in a singular area of digital dentistry for prolonged period of time,” and that, “I strongly recommend ‘DIO Navi’ to any clinical dentists who are prepared to knock on the door to the area of digital dentistry including digital training and follow-up management system, etc.”

[Sourced by Dental Arirang]