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Reconfirmation of the world-class prowess of ‘DIOnavi.’, the mainstream trend in digital implants
100% digital! Unrivaled precision! Incomparable
Digital implant ‘DIOnavi.’ is proving its world-class prowess once again with its overwhelming accuracy and stability.
‘DIOnavi.’ is the representative digital guide system launched in 2014, and it is used most extensively in Korea. It exceeded the 100,000 implants mark in 2017, and accumulated 200,000 implants mark in October 2018. This is a trend of sensational growth that exceeded the achievement goals of 3 years in only 1 year, thereby continuing its success as the mainstream trend in digital implant.
In particular, it is anticipated that the accumulated 400,000 implant mark will be reached this year, thereby achieving the biggest performance in its history.
Overwhelming precision, the secret is in the initial drill
The accuracy of implant placement is determined at the time of initial drilling. Fundamentally, the hole produced with the initial drill plays the role of determining the accurate ‘path’ for the following drillings. Therefore, experts assert that it is the most important factor in achieving the required accuracy of implant placement.
What should be paid attention to regarding ‘DIOnavi.’, in particular, is the ‘drill tube’, which is not available in the products of other companies, and it is the secret for the best precision achieved by ‘DIOnavi.’.
The ‘drill tube’ widens the contact area between and closely adheres to ensure there is almost no shaking or moving at the time of drilling. The longer the length of the ‘drill tube’, the more closely the contact surfaces are adhered to.
In addition to the length, the ‘drill tube’ is designed with a structure that is inserted into the punched soft tissues to put focus on the convenience in restricting the opening along with the best precision.
Accordingly, it is being evaluated favorably with its differentiated excellence in all aspects of accuracy and convenience.
Addition to the precision of the patient-customized type offset system
If there is interference by neighboring teeth or limitation in the opening due to the application of different Sleeve Offsets for each case, it can be applied flexibly.
The general case has basic offset values of 9mm, 10.5mm, and 12mm.
Even in the narrow case of 12mm, and the wide case lacking openings or presenting with soft bone, it is possible to set the offset value from the anatomically lowest value of 8mm, making it possible to be used on the molar section harmoniously.
This Sleeve Offset value is a concept that sufficiently considers the position of the users with patent registration, making it difficult for the competitors to approach.
100% digital for all cases, including edentulous jaw
‘DIOnavi.’ has fully digitalized the entire procedural process ranging from ‘In Put Data’ to ‘Out Put Data’ product.
The entire treatment processes can be executed through digital data and it is possible to discern the oral structure of individuals, and location, angle and depth of embedding appropriate for the ulitis through 3D mock procedure prior to the actual surgery.
It can be diversely selected in accordance with the cases including narrow bone width, narrow interdental gap, posterior with small opening, needing immediate loading after placement in lower portion, etc. as well as edentulous jaw, maxillary sinus augmentation, and immediate placement after tooth extraction.
Outstanding cutting power of the drill! Challenging Zero ‘Bone Heating’!
Low speed drilling (100rpm) and no irrigation is recommended, given the outstanding cutting power of the dedicated drill for ‘DIOnavi.’.
It is possible to prevent bone heating and removal of particles within the bone cavity by injecting saline with the exclusive syringe for ‘DIOnavi.’ after each drilling.
Moreover, it is easy for the surgeon to secure clear views since water is not injected at the time of drilling, thereby enabling safe drilling.
In addition, it is possible to overcome the difficulties and inconveniences in breathing even in the event of the visits by patients with difficulties in breathing through the nose due to rhinitis, etc.
As such, ‘DIOnavi.’ is equipped with the design and system optimized for safe implant procedures.