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DIO Corp., the foremost contributor towards digitalization of dentistry in China

Korea 17~19 August, 2019

‘DIO Digital Academy’, from technology innovation to educational innovation
DIO Corp. (representative director: Kim, Jin Baek), a leading company in digital dentistry, successfully completed the ‘17th DIO Digital Academy’ held at the DIO headquarters in Busan Centum over the period of August 17 ~ 19 for about 10 dentists from China.
‘DIO Digital Academy’ is undisputedly the best program in the world for the cultivation of competent personnel in digital dentistry through provision of highly diversified curriculums provided by lecturers composed of the foremost authorities in the area of digital dentistry, as well as through fortification of educational collaboration with ‘Dental College of New York University’ and ‘3Shape’. It was already held 10 times for dentists in China in this year alone, thereby leading the digitalization of dentistry in China by producing more than 120 experts in digital dentistry.

During the 17th Academy, Professors Choi, Byeong Ho and Jeong, Seung Mi (Wonju Severance Hospital of Yonsei University), globally renowned scholars in digital implant, personally provided lectures. They unsparingly passed on practical know-how for more diversified and in-depth clinical cases including the theoretical digital implant ‘DIOnavi.’ lectures composed of 3 topics, namely, △ Digital Flapless Implantology (DIOnavi.) & Hands-on (Maxillary Anterior case), △ Flapless crestal sinus augmentation & Hands-on (Sinus case) and △ DIOnavi. Full-arch solution (DIOnavi. All-on-4) & Hands-on (DIOnavi. Full-Arch), etc. as well as ‘DIOnavi. Full-Arch’ hands-on practical lecture as the solution for edentulous patients.
In addition, Dr. Lee, Hyang Ryeon (Director of Michigan Dental Clinic) provided practical lectures along with sharing problem solving know-hows that can be applied to clinical settings immediately under the topic of ‘How to troubleshoot difficult cases’, thereby winning much acclaim from the participants. It was then followed by a demonstration of live surgery for maxillary sinus augmentation and anterior teeth bridge case by Dr. Jeong, Dong Geum (Director of Segyero Dental Hospital), drawing out a great deal of applause from the participants.

Mr. Choi, Gang Joon, a director of DIO who took overall responsibilities for this training program, disclosed that “‘DIO Digital Academy’ is being acclaimed in the area of digital dentistry for its best educational system and digital dentistry cultivation program in the world,” and that, “DIO will concentrate all our capabilities to provide the best educational opportunities for digital dentistry in the world and to cultivate innovative personnel to lead the future by achieving not only technological innovation but also educational innovation.”
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