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DIO Corp., released an innovative product that presented new experiences at ‘HKIDEAS 2019’

Hong Kong 2~4 August, 2019

A dentist in Hong Kong displayed admiration for ‘UV Activator2’ openly.
DIO Corp. (representative director: Jin-Baek Kim), a leading company in digital dentistry, embarked on the expansion of its presence in the Hong Kong market by participating in and demonstrating innovative solutions at the ‘Hong Kong International Dental Expo And Symposium (hereinafter, referred to as ‘HKIDEAS 2019’) held in the ‘Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre’ over the period of August 2 to 4.

It was possible to confirm the excitement towards the innovative solutions of digital dentistry in Hong Kong through the academic symposium held under the theme of ‘BETTER TOMORROW THROUGH INNOVATION’ at the ‘HKIDEAS 2019’.
In addition, on the 2nd day of the academic symposium, Dr. Jun-Hyeok Shin (director of Digital Art Dental Clinic), who is one of the foremost authorities in the areas of prosthesis related clinical researches as well as aesthetics and digital dentistry through publication of his papers in the International Foundation of Esthetic Dentistry (IFED) QDT along with his position as the director of digital prosthesis research center of DIO, gave lecture under the title of ‘Digital Art: Aesthetic View Point from the Layperson’s Eyes’. Lecture by Dr. Shin was greatly praised by the students of Hong Kong University of Dentistry and the local dentists. It was possible to realize his popularity in the local dental industry through the extensive requests for joint research and academic exchange with him after the conclusion of his lecture.
The fervor generated at the academic symposium was continued onto the innovative solution of DIO, thereby drawing the most attention to the display booth of DIO among all the booths at the exhibition.
In particular, along with the assessment that further innovation was added to the existing innovation, interests were focused on ‘UV Activator2’, an UV irradiator, receiving highlight with its next-generation surface processing method. Demonstration of the acquisition of hydrophilicity for the titanium surface, which is advantageous for osseointegration, with only 20 seconds of UV irradiation presented extraordinary experiences that transcended innovation to the visitors. This enhanced interest on digital implant, ‘DIOnavi.’, with ensuring continued inquiries on the ‘Trial Case’.

Mr. Tae-Yeong Kim, the managing director of the overseas business division of DIO who took overall charge of this exhibition, disclosed that, “Innovative growth engine of DIO is leading to the establishment of virtuous cycle structure for innovation of diversified technologies based on advanced R&D as well as aggressive development of the global market,” and that, “We will focus all our capabilities to become a global company leading the digital dentistry in the world through development of the Asian market including Hong Kong, following our expansion into the Chinese and Taiwanese markets, in earnest.”
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